Communicating effectively to your audience in a commercial context can be challenging. Explicate believes that some elements of that competency or skill can be taught in formal training courses. There are thousands of training modules online in many different forms that are offered online or in all sorts of classrooms and conference rooms.

The biggest challenge with these courses is the transfer of the course content to the daily practice of the participants. That is a challenge in itself, but the statement is even more valid for those topics that require a combination of corporate strategy and personal competency. Topics that typically come to mind are:

  • The corporate story
  • The sales pitch
  • The brand strategy
  • The proposition
  • The company culture

These are typically themes or topics that companies struggle with from time to time. Themes that relate to leadership, creativity, vision, communication, change and alignment. Things that are difficult to manage and are tough to handle in training courses,

That is why Explicate believes in the concept of workshops. Let's see if we can accomplish something together. Learning by doing. And achieving a great result that is supported by all participants. Because they were part of the process and have contributed to the result of the workshop.

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