Workshop: Setting up a convincing sales presentation

Sales is a craft that is executed by millions of people. Whether you sell products, services or anything else: at one point in time you will be faced with an audience that is expecting you to deliver a presentation about what it is that you sell. Many trainers, coaches, gurus and mentors will tell you how to sell. They will say you are a farmer or a hunter. That you need to act in a certain way. They will teach tricks and some will inspire. But what always remains as a challenge is: setting up a proper sales presentation. A story that you can use on many occasions and in many situations. In a format that works well for you as an individual but that still resonates well with your audience. Let's see if we can put something together!

Setting up a sales presentation that looks good, sounds interesting and helps you sell.

A written storyline, documented underpinning arguments, a presentation.

Managers, business developers, account managers sales people and marketeers that need to deliver the sales presentation and play a role in the sales process.

We will sit together to discuss your needs and ideas. After that you will receive a proposal for preparation, delivery and follow-up. The first (online) meeting is free of charge (excl. costs for travel when a meeting is required outside the Netherlands).

0,5 - 2 days for the workshop itself depending on agreed content and participants.

- Introduction to the sales presentation
- The sales cycle, sales people and sales instruments
- Selling yourself, your company and your products or services
- Client need investigation
- Defining sales arguments
- Storyline construction
- The value of interaction
- Delivery of the message
- Practicing the presentation
- Testing the result

Next step:
Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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