Workshop: Defining a successful proposition

It is all about the proposition! A phrase heard often in management meetings all over the world. A proposition is more than the product or service that it contains. It is about what is proposed in total: The documentation. The marketing. The pricing model. The terms and conditions. The sales approach. A proposition manager often is product manager, product marketeer, R&D manager and sales manager in one person. But what exactly is proposition? What are key success factors? Let's have a look at it together and come up with an effective and adequate definition of your proposition.

Defining your proposition in a way that is comprehensive, transferable and helps you understand what to manage and focus on. 

A documented definition of your proposition and an actionable project plan to strengthen it.

Proposition managers, product managers, managers and directors, business developers, business owners and marketeers that feel responsible for the strength and success of your proposition.

We will sit together to discuss your needs and ideas. After that you will receive a proposal for preparation, delivery and follow-up. The first (online) meeting is free of charge (excl. costs for travel when a meeting is required outside the Netherlands).

0,5 - 2 days for the workshop itself depending on agreed content and participants.

- Introduction proposition management
- Aspects of propositions
- Proposition effectiveness
- Evaluating your proposition
- Proposition definition
- Strengthening your proposition

Next step:
Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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