Workshop: Building a compelling corporate story

It is expected in our current business society that we can bring a compelling message. Modern technologies have made our world smaller which has greatly increased our competitive landscape. To stand out among the crowd it is important that we are capable of explaining briefly and convincing what our added value is. This is true for both businesses and individuals. Call it an elevator pitch, call it a compelling story, call it what you want. But let's see if we can help you strengthening your message!

Create a corporate story that sounds interesting and convincing and that resonates well with the audience.

A written storyline and potentially a presentation.

Managers, business developers, sales people and other company representatives that will need to deliver the story.

We will sit together to discuss your needs and ideas. After that you will receive a proposal for preparation, delivery and follow-up. The first (online) meeting is free of charge (excl. costs for travel when a meeting is required outside the Netherlands).

0,5 - 2 days for the workshop itself depending on agreed content and participants.

- Introduction to the corporate story
- What makes a story compelling?
- What is your corporate mission?
- Content definition
- Storyline construction
- Delivery of the message
- Practicing the presentation
- Testing the result

Next step:
Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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