We have started!

Explicate is a brand new small business. After more than two decades of experience working for small and larger enterprises, I felt it was time to share and apply that experience in areas where I think it can be of benefit. 

The business name is “Explicate”: We deconstruct and analyze to comprehend and improve. It is our mission to make the communication between sellers and buyers a little less complex and a lot more effective. 

Our first focus is the security industry. Thousands of suppliers. Across multiple categories. Access control, alarm handling, video management, mobile access control, etc: the number of systems out there is overwhelming. Explicate owns the Security Industry Group on LinkedIn and we will service that group with a portal to streamline commercial communication. Stay tuned to be update about progress that we are making.

But there are other industries like the industry for security systems. Industries of a technical nature. With lots of innovation. Sometimes complicated systems and solutions. And a great deal of change. Explicate aims to help sellers and buyers finding and understanding each other better,

To achieve that we offer tools, services and workshops. Our portfolio will grow in time. And we will share what we have to offer on this website. 

If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to be working with you. Together we can make progress and hopefully also share some good times!

Best regards,


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