Test: politics in practice

PPP-test – People’s politics in practice

People are politically often regarded as right wing or left wing. As dreamers or extremists. As social or liberal. As democratic or republican. But what does that mean?

This test is not about ideology. It is about how you implement your convictions. What is the price you are willing to pay?

In an ideal world we do not have to use violence and there are sufficient resources to share for everybody. But the question is: At what expense are you willing to avoid using violence? And at what expense are you willing to share what you have for the good of other human beings? This test introduces two scales:
– The violence expense scale: the higher the score, the more you are willing to avoid violence at your own expense.
– The sharing expense scale: the higher you score, the more you are willing to share at your own expense.

The test presents six questions. The highest score on both scales in this test is 12.

The test is not scientifically sound. It does not adequately and completely test your political beliefs. The questions and results are only constructed to illustrate what it takes to pragmatically implement your ideas and convictions. Nothing more. Nothing less. Enjoy!

1.Someone just punched you on your nose. It is bleeding. But you feel alright. The person is about to punch you on your nose again. There is no escaping. What do you do?

1 out of 6

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