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The online security trade show! is the online home of the Security Industry Group and its subgroups on LinkedIn with over 145,000 members, making it the largest group about physical security on the platform. It can be found on LinkedIn here:

On industry professionals can search for the best security solutions for their application, learn about underlying technology, hear about new developments in the industry, network with peers and monitor the availability of vacancies in their region. Just like at one of the many security trade shows in our world, but without the hassle and expenses of travel.

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Security Vendors

Security vendors are invited to present their solutions and products on Products are presented in a standardized way and in categories to keep the site structured and clear. Products can be compared and inquiries can be made.

Inquiries are sent to vendors directly. does not intervene in the communication between vendors and potential clients. Curious who is participating? Feel free to check the list of vendors.

Are you representing a security vendor and would you like to see your products on Then please look at our exclusive message for vendors.

Online Security Trade Show

News and Thoughts

News from the industry, press releases from major security vendors, important mergers and acquisitions in the security industry, specials about specific topics: you can all read them in our section “News and Thoughts“.

Examples: We provided an overview of major mobile access solution providers. We followed the debate about facial recognition and privacy and how the technology is used in stadiums. We also looked at which technologies will potentially disrupt the security industry.

If you have press releases, news messages, whitepapers or articles that you would like to bring to the attention of our audience, then please contact us or send an email to

Security Vacancies

A security industry specific “Security Jobs“-section is an important part of . Recruiters and job seekers can use the section to find each other. Candidates can submit their resume. Recruiters can submit their vacancies. And both have their own dashboard to manage their own information.

To get the “Security Jobs“-section started we have begun collecting vacancies from several prominent sites from all over the world. The collection of vacancies is update daily.

If you need help in finding and selecting the right candidate for your open position, please contact us and ask about our recruitment services.

Security Vacancies

Educate yourself

It is our mission make the security industry more transparent for security managers, consultants and system integrators. As part of that mission we will inform and educate you about technology that is in use in our industry.

To help you better understand security systems and their added value, we frequently release videos about security. If you encounter an acronym or word that is not familiar, please check our security glossary. And of course there is a lot of information in our ‘news and thoughts‘ section.

And finally we browse through the Internet, looking for the latest and most relevant market research reports related to security, which you can obtain directly from us. We also keep an eye on relevant security events and collect news from major Security News Feeds.

Security Education