EL-GO Team – Vehicle Access Control

EL-GO Team – Vehicle Access Control

EL-GO Team has offices in the Middle East and USA. EL-GO Team is specialized in phyiscal access control and is specifically specialized in physical access control for vehicles.

EL-GO Team designs and manufactures all products in-house. EL-GO Team is specifically strong in two areas: Some of their products are tested and certified against the most stringent anti-terror security standards (K-ratings). And EL-GO also offers solutions where the possibilities for excavating are limited. These shallow-mount solutions are easier to install, but still offer good levels of protection.

Typical installations are:

  • Airports and seaports
  • Defense sites, like airforce bases
  • Government buildings
  • City centers
  • Industrial sites

Some of the most popular products of EL-GO Team are: