DFSL – LIDAR Scanners

DFSL – LIDAR Scanners for perimeter protection

Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd (DFSL) developed a unique proprietary LIDAR “Time of Flight” technology. LIDAR is an acronym for LIght Detection and Ranging. LIDAR devices send out pulses of laser light at a surface and measure the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back. DFSL was the first in the industry to use LIDAR for security applications. DFSL offers a wide range of security products.

Typical LIDAR applications and related examples of DFSL products are:

  • Area protection
    Detect human or mechanical (walking, running, crawling, swimming) intruders in a circular area of up to a maximum diameter of 700 meters. Used in highly sensitive areas.
    Example: DFSL ALS 300
  • Virtual fencing
    Laser fence sensors create a laser detection curtain. A virtual security fence enables effective surveillance of critical infrastructures.
    Example: DFSL LFS 100-160
  • Perimeter protection
    Perimeter laser sensors are also used for high-end security applications, creating a circular detection are of 180-360 degrees. Applied at landing areas, rooftops and courtyards.
    Example: DFSL PLS 360
  • Drone detection
    Detect mini drones and other flying objects using vertical laser curtains.
    Example: DFSL 2D-MND 125 or the upcoming 3D sensor.

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